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illuminated economic solutions

Greetings, Positive Light Holders.

It is I... Holder of Light.
It is I... Illuminator of Darkness.


Accelerated Learning Technology;
Artificial Intelligence;
Mediation & Positive Light Training;
Medical Research;
Penetration Testing;
Photography & Filming;
Private Speeches;
Project Management;
Radiation Testing [electrical: long-proximity wireless & short-proximity wired];
Real Estate;
Trend Analysis [past; present; & future];
Web Development;
& more


Ohio: Trumbull; Mahoning; Ashtabula; Portage; & Geauga.

Pennsylvania: Crawford; Mercer; & Lawrence.

Remote: (Some remote services may be available.)

Why choose illuminated economic solutions?

- Very Affordable
- Very Secure
- Cold (offline) storage of work files
- Very Professional
- Very Discrete & Private
- Very Trustworthy
- Privacy is very important and the interactions will not be disclosed.
- Large or Small Firms, as well as, Private Individuals are all welcome.


illuminatedeconomicsolutions (at) protonmail (dot) ch

Recommended Contact Technical Approach: If you would like to communicate via encrypted secure email, please request a secure/encrypted email. Please sign up for a free email account at Protonmail is free to sign up and use and automatically encrypted via end-to-end encryption when emails are sent from protonmail-to-protonmail user.


Crypto; traditional physical paper fiat; & barter & trade are all welcome.

(How to make a computer very slightly safer to use for very short durations?)